13 Amazing Reasons To Start Growing With Hydroponics

13 Amazing Reasons To Start Growing With Hydroponics

Hydroponics isn't easy to begin with, there's loads of bit a pieces that all seem either too technical or all a bit weird to put together to create a functioning grow space that'll provide you with your own produce. But once you jump straight in, with both feet or balls deep, whichever you prefer; you'll see rewards and big ones at that.

So, to help you get over those virginal nerves before taking the plunge, we've put together 13 of our top reasons why you should get a grow on.


#1 It's FUN!

Some people paint tiny aeroplanes, others stand in the rain dressed head to toe in all-weather gear to jot down a number on a train. Not our idea of fun, but it floats their boat. The point is, we all like to spend our time doing something we enjoy and what can be better than watching your plants grow up to be beasts with some top-notch produce dangling off it's branches.


#2 It CAN be done on a tight budget

Indoor cultivation can be expensive, but in reality it's only as expensive as you want to make it. You can choose to buy your way to great produce, with all the fancy bells and whistles, this sometimes works. The key thing here is that what your grow needs more than shiny-super-power boxes and a thousand different solutions thrown into your reservoir, is commitment. Get the gear you can afford, if you're committed you'll do great.


#3 You'll learn loads

This might seem like it contradicts with reason #1...Learning...Fun? What you on about? But honestly, you will learn loads and the more you do it, the more you'll know. You'll be a hydro Jedi in no time.


#4 It can be done all year round

No matter what the weather, it'll always be sunny indoors! In your grow room anyway.


#5 More precise control

Hydro growing takes a bit more effort than other grow media, mainly because you have more things to get right. So embrace your inner geek and get stuck into the in's and out's.



Simple as that, you invest in the little extra time and effort into Hydro and you'll get it all back with sizeable yields.


#7 Can be fully automated

Maybe not fully, you'll still have to do some of the work, it is pretty easy to set up a regulated feeding system which can help out loads when you've got more plants on the go.


#8 Plants Mature Quickly

Perfect for producing specimen plants and getting results quick!


#9 It's Clean

You don't need to go tramping round the mud to tend to your crop. You can do it in the comfort of your Nike Air Huaraches.


#10 Fewer Pests and Diseases

Because you're not introducing dirt into your grow space, naturally there are fewer pests and diseases to worry about.


#11 Easier to Harvest

Again, because there's less mess to begin with, harvesting and clearing is loads easier to do.


#12 You'll feel like a Scientist

Scientists and gardeners, not that much different when you think about it...you'll be a fully fledged agricultural science expert in no time at all.


#13 When the apocalypse happens, you'll be alright 

For thousands of years people have been using Hydroponics to grow produce in the most challenging of environments, so if the apocalypse does happen, you know you'll be alright...you've already mastered this shit! 


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