Go Giant! - Making Your Plants Massive

Go Giant! - Making Your Plants Massive


Here at Premier Grow we're a firm believer in ditching the old phrase "The More The Merrier" when it comes to growing in favour of the strong minimalist concept of "Less is More". Having less plants in your grow room is a good thing for everyone and your plants and we'll tell you why

  • Easier management, taking care of 12 plants makes it possible to read each individual plant in their own terms, how they're doing and what they want more of (or less of - the experienced among us know what I'm talking about.)
  • Improved Quality, Focussing your attention and caring for few plants as best you possibly can will produce a far superior quality product at the end.
  • Higher Yields, yep, sounds counter-productive, but seriously, fewer plants can actually increase your yields significantly. But How? read on!

Making fewer plants work for you is a simple process, starting by going back to the basics, focussing on the fundamentals of what plants need to thrive. Light, Water, Food, Air and Space. Providing optimum growing conditions will far outweigh a cocktail of fancy liquids dropped into your nutrient tank any day of the week, comfortable happy plants produce the goods, its a fact.

You want your temperature to languidly hover between 25 - 27.5 degrees Celcius, that's with both your lights on and off. Any colder, your plants will be stunted and ill-developed, as below 18 degrees your plants will go into an 'auto shutdown' where no more developments will happen until that temperature rises again. So what's the best way to manage your room or tent temperature?

An SMS Twin fan controller from SMScom has both a temperature and a humidity sensor, you plug in your Intake fan and your Extractor fan, set your temperature on the unit, place the probes in a central position within your room and whoosh!! your fans are controlling the temperature in your room or tent with the airflow. This way kills two birds with one stone, ensuring clean air is pumped into your growing space and that the waste air is exhausted continually. 

SMS Twin Fan Controller

You can pick up an SMS Twin controller from our store 



What about in the winter? When the ambient temperature in U.K. is at it's coldest, use grow room heaters to bolster up them lights out temperatures. 

2kw Grow room heaters are ideal and specifically designed to be used in a grow room. These are made by Hydrogarden.

2kw Grow Room Heater

Get yours here


With temperature and air control sorted (kind of, we'll look at fans and filters and what they can do for you in a later post), lets have a look at lights, you'll need a sturdy ballast, a reflector with a lamp holder with cable and a bulb. We recommend using at least a 600w ballast and bulb combo, if your budget allows go for one of the digital dimmable kind, we're big fans of the Lumatek ballasts, they're simply amazing. They have full light output capabilities with the ability to both dim (great for controlling temperatures again) and to push out SUPER LUMENS, they are bright and massively reliable, lasting for ages.

If you've ever tried to take a photo in your grow room, with a magnetic type ballast, you'll see loads of lines across your image, that's your lights flickering due to the way a magnetic ballast works. Now imagine that flickering happening over an entire grow cycle, thats a lot of light that's not reaching your plants, with the Lumatek Digital Ballasts this doesn't happen, there's no flickering, just constant high powered lighting like miniature sunshines. 

Combined with Lumatek's own bulbs, you'll get more for your money, outlasting any other lamp. Investing in this Lumatek combo will give you more grows as their paired technologies are specifically designed to work with one another, reducing the electrical stress typically found on grow lighting equipment.

Lumatek Combo Ballast & Bulb

Find them here for a cheap as chips £145!!

For your reflector, you should go with what suits your needs, if you're unsure, you can call us on 01162697580 and we can offer helpful advice as to what would work the best. Ideally you want to have one light above each plant.


Water and food! Them other basics of life, high quality fertilisers are an absolute must. Plant food isn't just plant food, it holds all the key nutrients and minerals that our green, leafy friends need to grow, thrive and produce. Different brands of feed contain variations of the basic nutrients, some growers prefer certain feeds they've worked with for years and other growers prefer others. It's a question of preference and what works for an individual, normally through years of trying stuff out and failing and succeeding. Luckily, we've already done that work and we are THE BIGGEST Genesis Formula advocates. Its made by Green Air Products in U.S.A and is available (trade only) from their European Distributors Green Air Products UK.

It's a Pure Elemental Fertiliser, meaning it has all the essential ingredients plus elemental compounds and micro nutrients that help your plants take up and process the all important Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. The three part feed allows the grower to tailor the nutrient soup to what the plant needs at a specific time, Green Air have their own feeding programs available on their website or we have them instore!

Genesis Formula Nutrients

Get them here

Along with a range of the additives and boosters that work best with this feed.


Finally, space; plants need space, room to breathe and room to spread their roots. In your room, we advise to allow about a 1m radius around each pot, this lets the plant grow and develop without interference, allowing light from the lamp and reflected light from the walls and floor to reach all the leaves of your developing beauties. A bit like fish, plants will occupy the space you allow (root ball permitting) and a healthy amount of space will naturally produce a healthy sized plant, leading to a healthy sized crop!

To begin with you'll need large capacity pot with the right kind of medium for your style of growing. For the best results we'd go with Hydro, clay pebbles in a basket over a small reservoir of nutrient rich water that's well oxygenated, ideally fed from the top and the bottom. Luckily for us, the folks at Green Air have come up with a diamond of a grow system. The Green Man System, is a fully modular system, available from a single pot to a 12 pot system. It has a large capacity base pot and loads of clever features for growing larger plants, with multiple pots you can connect it to a central reservoir and brain controller unit that controls the when and how often you feed your plants. The reservoir in each of the basepots comes with an airstone to oxygenate your solution and a pumping column draws up the solution to the plant and dripper feeds from the top to the bottom, promoting explosive growth and unprecedented nutrient uptake as the plant is feeding from two methods instead of one. The large base pot of the The Green Man System provides plenty of space for a huge rootball to develop, you'll see your plants lapping up nutrients in the later stages of their life-cycle. Our customers can't get enough of this system.

The Green Man 6 Pot System

We've got all the Green Man System bits here


This overview is in no way exhaustive and there's loads of other things to consider and to put into practice to get them perfect results every time. Here at Premier Grow we believe in the "Less is More" philiosophy and that by getting the basic elements right with less, you'll get more out of it. More of everything!


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