Why Successful Growers K.I.S.S

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Why Successful Growers K.I.S.S

Nope, the best growers don't dress up like Gene Simmons and go and belt one out at the karaoke on a Saturday night at the Dog and Gun. Nor do they go around kissing their fellow growers (some might...) but generally it's not this that makes them the cream of the crop when it comes to cultivation. What I mean here is the old adage K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple, Stupid!
Simplicity rules where growing is concerned, no amount of specialised formulas and potions can make up for experience and knowing what really plants need throughout every stage of development. It's the very same principle that we follow at Premier Grow, we believe it, because it works time and time again. It's not just us, our growers think it too and they're absolutely smashing it by following this fundamental law.

So how do you simplify something that seems massively complicated? Indoor gardening is a complex past time and producing high-quality yields is even more complex, it might sound like a paradox, to simplify the complicated, but that's what life is and your plants are no different. How do you do it then?



In the real world, we see plants all around, there they are, growing away happily. They have access to all the ingredients they need to survive, light, water, food, carbon dioxide, oxygen, worm shit, rotting waste, space and they can have as much of it as they like. Plants are pretty basic in what they need and it's easy to get all crazy-first-time-mother-like and try to over compensate with £400 bottles of formula to make sure you're crop is the best quality, if you haven't got the basics right, that £400 bottle you just bought, you might as well flush it down the toilet.

thinking about nature        She's thinking hard about nature


Make a list of those important things, light, water, food, air (we're going to use air instead of oxygen and carbon dioxide as natural air contains the right mix for plants), space. These are the things you HAVE to get right otherwise you'll end up with under developed, weird shitty crops. If you're reading this and thinking "I've got all this nailed already!" congratulations! some people don't even make it that far, they get disillusioned with the bright shiny things, accessories and supplements that make up for poor knowledge.
Get the best equipment and food (Pure elemental is best - it's totally natural) you can afford that fulfil what your plants actually need. Get this gear running at it's best and after a few grows you can start running experiments with the lotions and potions (if you're that way inclined) and you'll have more experience with what plants actually look like when they're getting exactly what they need and not just what you want them to have. Know the basics first and then build on from that, it sounds simple, but it really is THE BEST ADVICE out there for any grower.

optimising hard       Optimising HARD!


You've simplified your setup and your feed, done a fair few grows and examined your plants every day, you can successfully spot a Nitrogen deficiency 3 days before it takes hold and know how to fix it without any problems. You are now a plant whisperer, and thats how it's meant to be. Any changes you make now, you'll know how your plants are reacting to it and if it's good or bad, if it's good, great, carry on doing that thing you just did. If it's bad, don't do it again, ever again! But, being the plant whisperer, you'd have spotted that your plants hated it and sorted out the issue before any lasting damage could happen. This is what makes some growers better than others, some take the time to learn what's actually happening in your grow room (they're the ones who'll smash it every time by the way) and the others who just throw shit into the tank left right and centre and wonder why their crop looks nothing like that cup winning crop in the seed catalogue.



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