315 Watt Maxibright Daylight CDM Lighting Kit with Philips Green Power CDM Bulb

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We've got this monster kit at an amazing price! Offering you the very best of CDM growing, low power with HUGE output.

Powering this kit we've got the impressive Maxibright 315W Daylight Electronic Ballast with precision engineering to power the everlasting Philips 315W Elite HID Ceramic lamps, either the Color for the vegetative stages or the Green Power for your flowering cycle. That comes housed in the all out beefcake of a shade, the Sun System 315 LEC remote reflector. Everything works together in perfect harmony giving you the highest quality light source available without the same energy consumption as conventional HPS set ups. The bulbs will last you for about a year and when you break the costs down per grow, they average out at an absolute bargain!

This kit contains

  • Maxibright 315W Daylight Electronic Ballast
  • Sun System 315 LEC Remote Reflector
  • Philips 315W CDM Green Power Bulb (recommended for Flowering)