315 Watt Maxibright Horizon CDM Light Kit (Flowering)

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Start out your CDM setup with these high-powered, low cost and efficient 315W lighting kits.

Specifically designed to get the most out of the 315w Philips CDM bulbs, you're guaranteed amazing results, healthy plants and lower energy bills.

The soft start technology fires up at a lower current prolonging the lifespan of your bulbs with end of lamp detection, so you'll always be running at full steam.

Use as either supplementary or stand alone lighting, in both the veg and flowering stages using either the Philips Elite Agro or the Philips Elite Colour. These lamps have a huge spectrum output, closer to natural light than any other bulb on the market, encouraging a much more natural development in your plants.

With the Horizon shade the light gets forced out from around the lamp, reducing overspill and wasted energy that could stop you from hitting the big numbers when it comes to harvest.


This kit contains

  • Maxibright 315W Daylight Electronic Ballast
  • Maxibright Horizon Reflector
  • Maximise Plant Growth
  • Philips 315W CDM Elite Agro Bulb (recommended for the Flowering cycle)