Lumii Black 600W Light Kit

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Want some bang for your buck?

Get our amazing Lumii Black 600W light kit and we promise it will not disappoint. The 600 watt magnetic ballast is a trusted favourite for many growers simply because they have no complicated circuitry inside and very rarely fail, it delivers 600w of pure power to your lamp at a constant, just connect it together and you're good to go! no fuss necessary!

The well vented metal-case ensures the ballast runs cool and quiet and features wall-hanging brackets making them fully wall-mountable, thus making more space in your grow room.

In with the kit you'll get a Dutch Hammertone Lumii reflector with fittings and a 600W Lumii Black Dual Spectrum Lamp.

The LUMii BLACK Metal-Cased Magnetic ballast can be used with any 600w HID lamp


In the box:

  • Lumii Black 600W Metal Cased Magnetic Ballast
  • 600w Lumii Black Dual Spectrum HPS Bulb
  • Lumii Black reflector with hard-wired lamp housing and fixings


*reflector shown may differ