Budmaster GOD 2 LED Lighting System

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Budmaster GOD led grow lights use high bin 3w Epiled led's for a par output exceeding that of traditional 600 HPS, a tried and tested alternative to HPS the GOD range is affordable and effective.

All Budmaster GOD UK lights are now 'Manufactured in the UK' by the Budmaster team, most of the component parts are made within a 35 mile radius of our base in Mochdre, this gives us an incredibly low carbon footprint and of course helps to revitalize British manufacturing and exports.

Budmaster GOD models include the following features:

  1. Made in the UK precision optics
    1. Deep penetration.
    2. UL approved super tough fire retardant material.
  2. UK Made custom pin fin heat sinks:
    1. Faster heat transference and removal.
    2. Fan mounted on each heat sink for greater redundancy and modularity.
  3. Triple coated steel case with 'Mirror Chrome' finish and protective coating:
    1. UV proof, water proof, grease proof, no oxidisation in marine environments.


LED's:  50 x Epiled 3w Led's
Coverage:  40 x 80cm
Energy Used:  90w
Input Voltage:  100 - 240v
Frequency:  50 - 60 hz
Current:  600ma
Voltage:  70v
Amps:  0.36 Amps
Dimensions:  19 x 31 x 8cm
Warranty:  1 Year