Canatronics Renegade V6 6way Contactor Timer

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Canatronics have made these amazing timed contactors, that are geared especially towards growers in the U.K. with their handy extra heater plug. Built in the England with high quality components, all connected to the ever reliable Grässlin timer for ultimate and controlled precision, the Renegade V6 can take 6x 250w / 6x400w / 6x600w / 4x 1000w lights without any issues. The heater switch is timed on the reversal of the lights automatically, when the lights go out, the heater fires up, but it does this 15 mins before all the lights go out to ensure your room never suffers from a sudden cold snap.

  • Built in England
  • Grässlin Timer
  • 6x 250w / 6x 400w / 6x600w / 4x 1000w Light Power Load
  • Reverse timer heater output
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty