Carbo Air 60 Filter 315x1000mm


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Carbo Air 60

315 x 1000mm, 3600m3/h


Carbo Air 60 has a deeper carbon bed of 60mm and a longer body. This provides a longer contact time between the air and carbon removing higher concentrations of VOCs. The 60mm carbon bed of virgin activated granular carbon has been developed to last under harsher conditions and outlive any other brand of filter with a minimum lifespan of 18 months.


  • Elongated body, purifying air with longer exposure to carbon
  • Deeper Carbon bed removing higher concentration of VOCs
  • Built to cope with stronger strains
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Machine Washable pre-filter included


Available in:

150 x 660mm, 1350m3/h

200 x 660mm, 1700m3/h

200 x 1000mm, 2250m3/h

250 x 660mm, 2000m3/h

250 x 1000mm, 3100m3/h

315 x 660mm, 2450m3/h

315 x 1000mm, 3600m3/h

315 x 1200mm, 4250m3/h