Mini Max 150w Complete Light Kit


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Running at less than 0.65 amp we feel that this little unit will revolutionize indoor grow lighting. No longer do we have to compromise with CFL bulbs or LED panels, the Mini Max 150 operates with a high pressure sodium bulb. We have had remarkable customer feedback on this product due to capability and reliability and we would highly recommend it as not only is it a brilliant piece of kit but it's also environmentally friendly.

Advantages of the Minimax 150w:

  • Draws only 0.63 amp.
  • Reduced power consumption - Uses a fifth when compared with the 600w electronic ballast.
  • High lumen output.
  • Low bulb temperature - Reducing the need for high volume cooling fans.
  • Added stability for the environment.
  • Full RF filtration.
  • No need for costly contact/relay controllers operates when used with any timer.
  • Operates with either M/H or HPS 150w bulbs.
  • The Minimax 150 Ballast carries a full three year guarantee.

The Minimax 150w is programmed to soft start so there is no need for the usual initial start-up power surge to ignite the bulb. This will extend bulb life and allows for several units to start at the same time, without a large draw on power.