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Fireblitz Automatic Fire Extinguisher 1KG Unit

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Water and electricity doesn't always mix well. Safety when using high powered lighting should ALWAYS be a priority, electrical fires can be a problem for many growers, especially when using multiple lighting units in the same room or tent.

The Fireblitz automatic fire extinguisher contains a dry powder mix that gets released when the unit senses a fire. As it's dry powder, the Fireblitz can come in particularly handy when installed above your high-powered electronics, suppressing the flames and preventing a fire from going full-blown, destroying your entire room, house and even saving your life.

  • Safe for use on electrical equipment
  • Pre-pressurised unit 
  • Compact and economical
  • Suitable for A,B and C class fires
  • Supplied with Powder Coated installation bracket 
  • Contains 1kg of dry powder