Flo-Gro 500 Kit


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The Flo-Gro’s dripper ring irrigates the media at the set times. Any excess drains back into the reservoir to be dripped over the media at the next feed.

It’s almost impossible to overwater in a Flo-Gro because the dripper ring releases solution slowly and the pebbles offer excellent drainage. The speed of the draining through the pebbles re-oxygenates the roots at every feed ensuring long-term root health.


  • Grow small numbers of high quality plants
  • Cultivate a mother plant for cuttings
  • Benefit from pebbles without having to be precise with the timer
  • Make the most of space with a self-contained system


The Flo-Gro system comes with:

1x 16L Tank

1x Inner Basket

1x Dripper Ring

1x Maxijet Micro Pump

Irrigation Pipework

pH Test Kit

pH Down

Emptying Tube


Dimensions LxWxH

56cm x 46cm x 28cm


16L Tank Volume