Growtab 30W COB LED Grow Light

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Grow your crops with outstanding COB LED technology. The Growtab 30w is a highly efficient agricultural lighting unit specifically designed for growing specimen crops. Using the latest developments in LED lighting the Growtab 30w powers out a full spectrum beam for growing and flowering.

The all metal housing of the unit is lightweight and robust whilst maintaining a very slim profile, so it's not going to take up valuable space in your grow room or tent. The unit runs very cool, making it easy to maintain ambient temperatures, not overheat your grow space and prevent costly crop damage.

Fully fitted with a 3-pin UK plug, the Growtab 30 doesn't require a ballast.


  • NEW COB LED Technology
  • Energy Efficient
  • Full Spectrum Light Output
  • Slim-line Design
  • Compact Light Unit
  • No Ballast Required