Kind K3 L300 LED Grow Light

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The Kind K3 Series lights are entry level, professional grade LED horticultural light units. Using a full 12 bandwidth spectrum, each diode runs at 3w running at 650mA, driving more light through each LED than any less expensive light unit. They have thick heavy duty heat sinks installed on each unit to minimise heat output through the LEDs, which prolongs the lifespan of the K3 unit and maintains optimum performance throughout. The Kind K3 Series lights have a secondary optical lens, a unique feature that increases light penetration in your plants from top to base, massively increasing under canopy production, resulting in considerably higher yields.

This Dual spectrum LED unit consumes around half the energy of conventional HPS bulbs without compromising on plant quality and ultimately increasing your yield to watt ratio.

The K3 L300 unit is the equivalent of a 300w HPS lamp and consumes 210w of power.

  • Professional Quality Horticultural LED Lighting
  • 300w HPS Equivalent Power
  • Dual Spectrum Output
  • 2' x 3'  Footprint
  • Secondary Optical Lens Technology
  • 210w Power Rating
  • Each Diode Runs At 650mA