Kind K5 LED XL1000 Grow Light

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The Kind LED XL1000 light unit is an absolute powerhouse, for those who already have experience growing with traditional HPS lighting and want to make the switch to LED powered lighting fixtures or for the growers that have an LED setup in place and want to expand. The Kind LED XL1000 will not disappoint. It runs at just over 600w in actual power and delivers a whopping 1000w HPS equivalent output to really give them plants of yours some serious super-charged illumination.

There's loads of exceptional features with the Kind XL1000, as you'd expect from a premium product as this. It has a larger than average footprint (5'x5') to give a wide and even spread in your grow room and really benefit from the powerful light output. 

You can tailor the light spectrum to suit you, fully customisable to the point that it's not just set into growth and flowering stages but you can create a unique mix that would create optimum lighting conditions for specific plant genus.

This light is so smart you can even mimic the light cycle of nature with it! With a programmed 8-stage 'mother-earth' timing function you can truly bring the great outdoors inside. Aside from fancy timing functions you can still program the Kind XL1000 conventionally, as you would a traditional HPS lamp, using it's on board computer rather than relying on external timers. It even comes with a remote control, so no more face full of bush whilst you're trying to adjust your lights.


  • Professional Quality Horticultural LED Lighting
  • 1000w HPS Equivalent Power
  • Unique Spectrum Control
  • Extra Wide Footprint
  • Customisable Functions
  • On Board Programmable Timer
  • Remote Controller Included