Parlux 1000w Digital Complete Light Kit

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Up your game in a BIG way without spending BIG money. The Parlux 1000w digital, complete light fixture is the perfect way to get into high powered indoor grow lighting without spending loads. Feature-packed and fully adjustable, this is one light kit where you'll see massive returns. 

All in one complete unit, minimising trailing cables and set-up fuss, the Parlux 1000w digital complete light kit is ready to grow straight out the box and more than that, they feature full connectivity for pairing up more lights for consistent environmental control.



  • Super Lumen
  • Smart-Step Technology
  • Smart-Start™ Ignition Control
  • Re-Strike of Hot Lamp
  • Automatic Frequency Adjustment
  • Full Circuit Protection with LED Status Indicator
  • Advanced Ultra High Frequency Technology