Payload Filtration Bags


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Payload Filtration Bags
Payload Filtration Bags
This kit includes 220u, 90u, 73u and 25u bags, also includes one 12×10" pressing screen.
Hardwearing and durable, these bags are built to last!
Use them to extract valuable resins that plants secrete without the use of solvents. 
  • Drawstring for a tight fit
  • Industrial waterproof nylon sidewalls
  • Strongest filter on the market, guaranteed pore size
  • Surge seamed with nylon upholstery thread for strength
  • 4 Grommets for use in a suspension pulley system
  • Includes large sturdy filters for increased water flow when draining
  • All bags are colour coded, numbered and labeled
  • High quality drying screen provided

Payload Filtration Bags
Payload Filtration Bags