Secret Jardin Nano Grow Fan Controller

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Control your extraction and lighting using the great Nano Grow environment controller from Secret Jardin. Made specifically for grow tents. Thermostatically controlled, using a probe connected to the unit the Nano Grow monitors and stabilises environmental controls in your grow tent. Fully programmable with digital controls and display to tailor your tent's climate to exactly the way you want it. The light socket has a max. load of 1200w and supports the use of fans (using the fan socket) up to 200w. All in all this is a great, compact little unit that'll make growing in a tent even easier.

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and Robust Unit
  • Precise light and ventilation control
  • Day and Night timed options
  • Mechanical Lighting Relay
  • 1200w Max Load for Lights
  • 200w Max Load for Fans