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Is the green man combi system right for me?


When it comes down to pure performance, the Green Man Combi system out-weighs any other grow system. With a dual, combination feeding mechanism, the Green Man Combi System is both a Deep Water Culture unit and a Dripper system. Feeding from the top of the root zone and direct from the bottom simultaneously, for some serious Hydroponic yields with a quality of flower that is unrivalled.

Connected upto a brain controller unit and nutrient reservoir tank, it becomes a fully automated feeding machine. Giving your plants exactly what they need, when they need it.

Choosing the right size system for your grow room is easy with the Green Man System. We say as a base guideline that 1 pot per 1m.sq. to give your plants plenty of room to grow. So If you've got a 1m x 1m grow tent, put 1 pot in there; 1m x 2m choose a 2 pot system for full growth. If you're growing smaller plants you could use a 3 pot system to maxmise a 1m x 2m grow space.

If you're unsure and want to talk to an expert, give us a call on

0116 2697580

The Green Man Combi System was designed as an all out, pure-power, Hydroponic grow system for huge yielding plants. With a focus on producing the biggest crop sizes without comprimising on quality.

So, we put the Green Man Combi System in the intermediate/advanced catagory. Aimed at growers with experience that want to push their crop production even further than they have before.