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IS The genesis formula right for me?

The Genesis Formula is a unique range of pure elemental nutrients that is packed full of essential macro nutrients that distinctly promote plant health and growth. It's rammed with micronutrients that stimulate and encourage your plants to their absolute full potential. You can tell the difference in plants grown with The Genesis Formula, compared with any other nutrient.

The base feed is a 3-part nutrient that gets mixed up in varying quantities depending on what stage your plants' are at. Making sure that your plants get EXACTLY what they need, when they need it.

When you use the full range of additives with the base feed, you'll really see your plants turn to monsters. Liquid sand bolsters up the silica content for full on sturdy salks. Pro-tect is a full, all-in-one vitamin complex that makes your plants strong and much more resilient to changes in the environment. PK Plus, is the big BANG, for a massive finish. High levels of Potassium and Phosphates send your fruits and flowers into overdrive, with extra added boosters to push your fruit and flower production to the next level.

Every grower that's made the switch to Genesis has never looked back.

The Genesis Formula can be used with ANY growing method. Pure Hydro, Soil, Coco, Rockwool and even Outdoors.

The Standard Genesis formula Base nutrients work best with Hydro systems as this is what it was designed for back in the day.

For Coco, Soil and other substrate based growing methods the Genesis Formula Coco A+B is the way to go. Switch out the 3 part nutrient, for a really simple A+B thats been tailored specifically for growers using Coco. That could be hand watering or using a grow system, perfect for a flood and drain set up.

When the nutrient is made back in Oregon, U.S.A; part of the manfacturing process is to condense the solution into a mush.

This is for two reasons, One, to remove the water in the nutrients to make the Genesis Formula more cost effective for the end user. Saving money from shipping costs gets passed on and it means higher quality ingredients in each bottle. Two, as the nutrient solution is condensed with all the water removed it doesn't have a best before date. Meaning that when you mix up your nutrients, you're getting them fresh. So fresh it's as if you just filled your bottles up direct at the factory.

Turning the mush into usable nutrients is easy, fill 2/3 of the bottle with just boiled water - shake until the mush and crystals have dissolved - then top it up with the rest of the boiled water. There you have it, mush to the freshest nutrients money can buy.

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