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Genesis Formula First Aid (Gallon)

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If your plants are looking drab, a bit uncared for, under the weather or just not doing anything then it's time for a bit of First Aid. This unique formula will snap your plants back into action and give them a vital boost of micro-nutrients, Humic Acids, Vitamins and plant extracts not found in any other fertiliser. Works amazingly fast and can be used with any feeding schedule, any growing method and can even be used to reduce transplanting stresses.

  • Counteracts Deficiencies
  • Balances Nutrients
  • Increases Vigor and Vitality
  • Helps Stop Abiotic stress related problems
  • Vegan Formula


Suggested Treatment:

Emergency Use 13ml/Litre for one week

Maintenance Use 5ml/Litre throughout entire feeding schedule

Foliar Spray Use 5ml/Litre for rapid leaf remedy

Transplanting Use 5ml/Litre to reduce stress

Seedlings Use 3ml/Litre to reduce stress