Genesis Formula Liquid Sand (Quart)


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Genesis Formula Liquid Sand (Quart)
Genesis Formula Liquid Sand (Quart)
Liquid Sand is a Potassium - Silicate Supplement that enhances cell structure and plant development, resulting in broader, thicker, leaves; increasing photosynthesis. It boosts plants immune system as well as enables the root system to withstand higher temperatures and drought.
Use in conjunction with the complete Genesis Formula 3-part feed and you'll see a huge difference in your plants' stability and that all important crop at the end.
  • Potassium-Silicate supplement
  • Enhances Cell Growth
  • Sturdier Plants
  • Increases Plant Immunity
  • Increases Plant Resilience 
  • Pure Elemental Ingredients
  • Concentrated Mush Style, Freshest nutrients available

Available in:

  • Gallon (4.54 Litres)
  • Quart (1.14 Litres)
Genesis Formula Liquid Sand (Quart)
Genesis Formula Liquid Sand (Quart)