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Ready to use, 100% pure natural Coco Peat. White label and direct from the manufacturer. This no frills coco grow medium can be used directly as it comes or works amazingly well mixed with clay pebbles for a well rounded and aerated substrate. 

pH neutral and no EC, better than that though is the cost. All you're paying for here is Pure natural coco, no branding, no marketing - nothing but coco and a few pence for the bag.

  • Finest Pure Natural Coco
  • Triple Washed Purity
  • Versatile Growing Medium
  • Ready To Use
  • EC and pH Neutral



100% Pure, tripled washed, ready to use Coco


Available in:

  • 50L Bag



Tip it in a pot, mix it with other substrates. Ready to use, no soaking, nothing just pour it in and put your plants in.