Genesis Formula Pro-Tect (Gallon)

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Pro-Tect is an essential vitality additive that encourages root development and helps maintain a dense, healthy rooting system. Expect rapid rooth growth and the prevention of root rot; this increases the resiliance and overall health across the entire plant. Pro-Tect is a 100% organic formulation and can be used throughout the entire grow cycle, either within the feed or applied as a foliar spray.
Use with both the Genesis 3-part, Microbase, Grow and Bloom or the Coco A+B feeds.
  • Encourages clean, healthy and dense rooting systems
  • Prevents Root Rot
  • Increases Plant Health and Vitality
  • Apply in nutrient solution or Foliar spray
  • Explosive growth
  • Increased crop quality
  • Pure elemental ingredients
  • Concentrated Mush Style, Freshest nutrients available

Available in:

  • Gallon (4.54 Litres)
  • Quart (1.14 Litres)