Lumatek Aurora 315W CDM/CMH

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CDM or CMH 315w lighting technology is taking the horticultural world by storm, with it's high lighting output and incredibly efficient power consumption. The Lumatek Aurora 315W lighting fixture is right up there with the top dogs on this one and were finding it a tough one to beat.

The combination of the ever reliable and optimum performance Lumatek electronic dimmable ballast and CDM lamp technology really is a match made in heaven, delivering high energy PAR output without the excess heat levels you'd get with standard HPS bulbs.

  • 315W Output Power
  • Self-Contained Unit
  • Low Heat Producing
  • Low Consumption Cost
  • High Yielding Output
  • Lumatek CDM/CMH Lamps Available In Daylight 4200k or Agro 3100k
  • Fully Linkable To The Lumatek Control Panel (sold separately)
  • Kit Includes Ballast,Shade and Agro Lamp