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Nutes Nutrients is a unique and amazing plant fertiliser made in Oregon in the U.S. It's an 8-part complete plant nutrition system using each component throughout the feeding schedule to deliver the exact amount of vital micro nutrients, macro nutrients and essential elements to really give your plants precisely what they need at every critical stage of their development. What's more, Nutes nutrients have been made with the end consumer in mind and stay in line with a linear pricing structure where every bottle in the range is the same price, so no more paying through the teeth for specialist root zone treatments or bud development boosters; the complete Nutes range has EVERYTHING you need.

  • 8-Part Mineral Plant Nutrition System
  • Made and tested in Oregon, USA
  • Developed for exotic plant strains
  • Incredibly Impressive results


Flower is specially formulated for bud development during flower production from essential nutrients

Flower provides soluble potash for vigorous trichome production and is designed with high phosphorus, potassium, and calcium to encourage bud formation and root growth. Use in conjunction with Microbooster and other Nutes products to create a specialized full spectrum plant formula.

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