Green Man System Fabric Pot 30L

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Made entirely of natural fibres, the 30L Green Man Fabric Pot is made especially for use in the Green Man FD System (Flood & Drain). Designed for optimum nutrient transfer from solution to substrate with minimal water retention to prevent over saturation and stagnation within the Green Man Pot. The Green Man System Fabric Pot keeps your system clean and clear, preventing blockages along the system pipework and making your plants much more contained and easy to manage, it works by slipping inside your Green Man System pot and sits ontop of the substrate tray. Maintaining a perfect rootzone environment for your chosen growing media.

  • 100% Natural Fibre Fabric Pot
  • Designed and Made For Use In Green Man FD Systems
  • 30L Root Zone Capacity
  • Reinforced Woven Carry Handles