Green Man System Fabric Pot 39L

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Made entirely of natural fibres, the 39L Green Man Fabric Pot is designed for creating the optimum and easy rootzone environment for your plants to thrive. Providing the rootzone with loads of oxygen and excellent drainage, the material structure of the pot allows nutrients and water to drain freely without over excessive water retention that can flood out the rootzone.

Available in 5 different sizes (16L, 22L, 30L, 39L and 56L) making the Green Man System Fabric pot an incredible addition to place in any Grow System or using stand alone for hand-watering or dripper fed set-ups. The Green Man System Fabric Pot an economical option for growing your specimen plants without impacting on the quality of the crop.

  • 100% Natural Fibre Fabric Pot
  • Creates an Oxygen Rich Rootzone Environment
  • Superior Drainage, Will Not Retain Excessive Quantities Of Nutrients
  • 39L Root Zone Capacity
  • Reinforced Woven Carry Handles