600w Lumatek Bulb Hps


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600w Lumatek Bulb Hps
600w Lumatek Bulb Hps

Lumatek 600w HPS bulbs are made to preform; they have a massively prolonged life span, lasting upto 3x longer than other HPS bulbs. These are one of a kind, high-performance, dual spectrum bulb specifically designed to operate with both the super lumens feature and dimmable functions on the Lumatek ballast. Other bulbs would lose effciency if switched up and down, where as the Lumatek gets even better when turned up,it can emit up to 90,000 lumens for a incredible 24,000 hours of life.


  •    600w
  •    90,000 lumens
  •    6.2 lamp current
  •    24,000 life (hours)
  •    dual spectrum 
  • Also Available in:
  • 400W
  • 250W
600w Lumatek Bulb Hps
600w Lumatek Bulb Hps