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Blossom Blood

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Blossom Blood is a powdered bloom booster that increases the density and quality of your fruits and flowers. Supplied in a 300g tub which will be enough to dose 3000 Litres of nutrient solution. Blossom Blood is a standalone product that works with any existing quality nutrient range. Add it into your feeding schedule when your flowers are well established on your plants and you'll see them swell. Add Blossom Blood into every water change after first application.


  • Proven Flowering Booster
  • Add 1g per 10 Litres of Water
  • Use When Flowers are Established Until Flush
  • Increases Density and Quality
  • 300g Tub


Start using Blossom Blood when your flowers have established and add 1 gram to 10 Litres of water for a massive increase in flowers and fruits. Add to every water change until flushing your plants.

1g : 10L

10g : 100L

100g : 1000L