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Canna Mono Nitrogen 1 Litre

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Canna Mono Nitrogen is a 17%  pure Nitrogen injection for your plants. Typically used in the growth stages of your plants' development when Nitrogen uptake is at it's highest and your crop is more at risk of developing a Nitrogen deficiency, leading to severe leaf damage, stunted growth and in some cases if left untreated, an absolute failure of a yield. With Canna Mono Nitrogen, this issue couldn't be easier to sort out, when you spot a Nitrogen deficiency, just pop some of this into your feed and it'll give your plants that extra boost that they're after. This product is used as a cure rather than a prevention product.

You can even use Canna Mono Nitrogen as a growth supplement to use with your existing feed!

  • 17% Nitrogen Boost
  • Combats Nitrogen Deficiencies
  • Increases Growth Rate
  • Add to Feed