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Combi Ducting 10m

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Combi Ducting 10m
Combi Ducting 10m
Combi Ducting 10m
Combi Ducting 10m

Combination ducting is constructed with a strong and sturdy steel helix that holds the tube open and allows it to bend and flex without any loss in performance. Combi ducting works by adding a black PVC skin that makes it much stronger and less prone to perforation compared with standard aluminium ducting; making sure that your extraction system remains airtight and operating at its best, whilst keeping the hoses lightweight and easy to install. Always install your ducting fully extended for maximum efficiency.  Supplied boxed, in a 6 metre length.


  • PVC membrane for increased resiliance
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Connects to fans and filters
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to install


Sizes Available:

  • 6in - 150mm
  • 8in - 200mm
  • 10in - 250mm
  • 12in - 315mm