Control Freak Dynamic Fan Controller 7A

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The Control Freak multiple fan controller marks a new wave in digital fan control, highly precise, this unit controls your intake and output in your grow room and maintains temperature at a constant, whilst keeping your fans running SILENT. How does it work? the Control Freak works by controlling the fans frequency, keeping the frequency wave smooth and flowing resulting in silent operation. You set your optimum temperature levels, your Max & Min fan speeds and the Control Freak reads the room temp from the probe and adjusts the fans to maintain the set temperature. It does all this, with no noise and keeps the fans running more efficiently, prolonging the lifespan of your equipment and keeping energy costs down.
  • Digital, variable speed, multiple fan controller
  • Runs AC fans with absolutely no buzzing
  • Temperature controlled
  • Available in 3A, 7A or 13A units
  • Plug and Play operation