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Crop Guard Lamin Aid TH

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Crop Guard LaminAid TH is a foliar spray for that will kill thrips and give your plants the maximum amount of chlorophyll available to them.

Crop Guard LaminAid TH is fantastic product for solving issue with thrips. If you see a silvery or small slug like trails on your leaves you may have a pest called thrips. These are small creature that will slowly eat the pigment of your leaves and ultimately affect the your overall crop yield.

Crop Guard LaminAid TH will kill these pests and should add chlorophyll returning your plants to their original dark shiny green colour. It is a foliar spray and you should completely cover the whole of your plant including the underside of your leaves. The top of your pots should also be sprayed.

Directions -

20ml- 1Litre

​Shake well before use.

Continue to spray every 14 days if needed.