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CX Hydroponics Regen-a-Root 1 Litre

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Regenaroot is a hormone free root growth tonic that ensures healthy root development and maximum nutrient uptake during all phases of growth and bloom.

  • Stimulates massive root growth from start to finish
  • Extra roots do not sacrifice top growth
  • Runs clean in all systems
  • Repairs roots lost to disease

Regenaroot stimulates monster root growth while boosting the naturally occurring immune defenses of plant root systems. Instead of containing rooting hormones, Regenaroot contains the required precursors for naturally occurring plant Auxins. This approach guarantees phenomenal root development without sacrificing top growth, making it safe to use throughout both vegetative and flowering stages. It is the only root stimulator that works throughout the entire plant’s development and not just the vegetative period, stimulating MASSIVE healthy roots that just don’t stop growing! Can be used in all types of hydroponic, soil and coco based systems.

Regen – A – Root needs to be used in every system from cloning to harvest – at every solution change – and only 1ml needs to be added to a litre of nutrient solution.

Available in:

  • 1 Litre
  • 5 Litre