Eco Thrive Charged 60/40 Mix 40L


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Eco Thrive, the company that bring us the best quality tea infusions and soil conditioners have come up with this great 60/40 mix. It's pre-charged, meaning that the mix comes already conditioned with their Charge product for explosive growth in the early stages of your plants grow cycle. 60% raw coco and 40% clay pebbles makes this mix a classic for maximum aeration and drainage in your root zones. The packaging is super-discreet with a simple "easy peel" label on the front that pulls off and leaves the bag looking like a regular waste bag. The 40L bag size makes this absolutely perfect to use with the Green Man Flood and Drain Setup, we highly recommend it!


  • 60% Raw Coco
  • 40% Clay Pebbles
  • Pre-Charged With Eco-Thrive Charge
  • VERY Discreet Packaging
  • Finest Raw Coco Coir
  • Low Soluble Sodium Content Clay Pebbles