Hailea HC150A Water Chiller

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Low noise with a metal chassis and fully insulated casing. The Hailea HC150A water chiller refrigerates your nutrient solution by connecting the unit in between your system and reservoir tank using standard 13mm pipeline into the 'IN' connection with 13mm Elbow connection (supplied) and connecting 13mm pipe to the out connection with a 13mm Elbow (supplied). Easy to setup and maintain, this water chiller combats the high temperatures experienced in the summer months which can cause excessive root based diseases to develop and kill all plants connected to that reservoir.
With this water chiller you can maintain a constant ideal temperature that'll prevent plant loss and ensure healthy, vigorous growth.
  • Maintains Constant Nutrient Temperatures
  • Massive Reduction Of Plant Loss
  • Strengthens Plant Roots
  • Can Be Used With Any Grow System
  • Recommended For Hydro Growers