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Iceline Flexible Pipe (per metre)

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Iceline irrigation pipe is double-walled which helps prevent your nutrient temperature from rising as it would with your standard black irrigation pipe.

Iceline is especially useful for large rooms with long lengths of pipe which will rise the temperature of the nutrients quickly under intense lighting systems When using iceline you could see a drop 3 degrees Celsius on average compared to standard pipe, but reductions of up to 8 degrees Celsius have regularly been recorded.

Iceline works by having a white outer layer which reflects the heat away from your nutrient in the pipe and the black inner protects from UV rays. Iceline is an excellent product and when used will give great result in regulating nutrient temperature in the pipe. This will reduce the risk of pyrthuim and other root problems.


NB. Please note that quantity chosen is that in metres.

Available in:

  • 13mm Internal Diameter ( Great for IWS systems )
  • 19mm Internal Diameter ( Perfect for Green Man Systems )