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Imperium Precision Plus Feed Controller

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Imperium Precision Plus Feed Controller
Imperium Precision Plus Feed Controller
Imperium Precision Plus Feed Controller
Imperium Precision Plus Feed Controller
Imperium Precision Plus  Precision Feed Controller.

The Imperium Plus is a precision feed controller which has been designed to feed little and often to produce maximum plant growth. It includes an integrated Grasslin segmental timer and can be set to run from as little as 1 second up to 15 minutes, at the push of a button.

Imperium Plus can be used with any timed grow system and is more than just a segmental timer. Its 28 feed settings allow you to adapt the feeding duration from a minimum of 1 second up to 15 minutes, at the touch of a button.

Finely tuning your feed durations to match the growth stage of each plant means the roots have better access to oxygen, nutrient solution uptake is increased and ultimately yields are bigger.

When using a traditional segmental timer with a timed grow system the minimum feed can only be set to 15 minutes.

When using the Imperium Plus a larger number of shorter feed durations can be set, for example instead of 2x 15 minutes a day you can feed for 5 minutes 6x a day.

The plants don't have to wait as long between feeds and will have oxygen refreshed 6x per day instead of 2x per day. This all adds to a healthier environment and faster growth with bigger harvests.

Imperium Plus has two built-in plug sockets which can power more timed dripper systems using only this one unit. It can be plugged into any timed feed drip system or appliance, we recommend using it with our exclusive range of Wilma, Ebb & Flood and Flo-Gro systems.

It has a simple push button control, LEDs illuminate to let you know when you’ve switched from minutes to seconds and vice versa, whilst also indicating when the power is on and the feed pump is engaged


  • Grasslin timer
  • Push button feed and duration controller
  • 2 integrated power sockets
  • Power sockets with snap-shut dust covers.
  • Heavy duty wall bracket  
  • 0.5m power cable
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 800 watt capacity

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