Inline Ducting Silencer

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If you want a quick and cost-effective solution to quieten down your ducting system, one of these silencers is definitely the way to go. The Connectdec T3 Non-Woven Silencer dramatically reduces the noise of air flow and vibration travelling along the ducting system with its triple core, insulated and noise dampening properties. The external reflective skin acts as a vapour barrier without depriving your room of light. Comes as a 1m length and it connects to any part of your ducting set up. Ideally you'd have it close to your fan to get the most benefit from it.

  • 1m Length
  • Dramatically reduces noise levels in the extraction system
  • 3 core fibre-based technology
  • Cost-effective solution to dampen noise
  • Reflective Vapour Barrier


Sizes Available:

  • 5in - 125mm
  • 6in - 150mm
  • 8in - 200mm
  • 10in - 250mm
  • 12in - 315mm