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IWS DWC (deep water culture) Brain

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Deep water culture is a method of growing that leaves your roots submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient rich solution.This provides the roots with a large amount of oxygen,encouraging rapid growth and fantastic crops.Controlled with a leading built in timer unit, growers can set feed times to optimal intervals and keep the nutrient solution fresh and cool by remixing it in the main tank.


Use in conjunction with the specific IWS reservoirs, they work with the internal pump already installed in these tanks.



-Manufactured to the highest standard and carries the CE mark of quality

-Built in quality 24 hour grasslin timer

-Precision Feeding Programs

-Fully customisable to suit your growing needs

-Internal quality Maxijet Pump



-Super oxygenated solution stimulates massive root growth

-easy to set up even for novices

-system requires very little maintenance

-nutrients are kept fresh as pots fill and drain