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Lumatek 5m LED Extension Cables

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These two 5m long Extension Cables are designed to connect the Lumatek driver and LED fixture, in case the driver is used remote and away of the fixture. Allowing a stable and precise connection without any interference. Contains 2 cables, one 5m cable to the LED Driver and one 5m Cable to the Dimmer Unit.

  • Increase your lighting range
  • Both Cables Supplied
  • Lumatek Quality!
  • Perfect for larger growing projects



M19-2 Self-locking male and female injection molding with 5m extension cable

Wire Gauge: UL SJTW 2x16AWG 300V 105℃

Technical/Test Data:
- Withstand voltage between any two poles is 500 VAC, 2mA, test time 3S, no breakdown or leakage current occurs
- The withstand voltage between outer cover and electrode is 500 VAC, 2mA, test time is 3S, no breakdown or leakage current occurs
- Insulation Resistance:100MΩ@100V
- Temperature Resistance:105℃
- Working temperature: -20℃-105℃
- Storage temperature: -25℃-105℃
- IP65
- Comply RoHS



Lumatek 5m LED Extension Cables

2 x 5m Cables with connectors


In The Box


1 x Lumatek 5m LED Driver Extension Cable

1 x Lumatek 5m LED Dimmer Extension Cable