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Oxypot V6 Veg Kit

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Oxypots produce massive yields without a timer and with hardly any media.

The roots grow through the mesh pots into the misting chamber full of nutrient solution. The air pump constantly oxygenates the solution and the roots have constant access to water, nutrients and oxygen for exceptionally fast growth.

It's impossible to saturate plants in an Oxypot because the roots only take up what they need when they need it. Just keep the misting chamber topped-up and it's impossible to underwater because the solution is always available to the plants.

The misting chambers hold 19 to 100Litres of nutrient solution - depending on the size you choose, so there's no need to visit your plants daily.

Each plant only needs 1 litre of clay pebbles (unless you choose the 6.5Litre net pot version) so you don't have to handle huge bags of media.


  • Use less media
  • Space pots out
  • Make the most of floor space with a self-contained grow system
  • Turn plants under lights


The Oxypot V6 Veg system comes with:

1x 70L Tank

1x Inner Baskets

1x Airstone

1x Hailea Pump

Irrigation Pipework



Dimensions LxWxH

82cm x 53cm x 37cm


70L Tank Volume