Phonic Trap Ducting 6m

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Phonic Trap ducting is setting the new standard for silent running extraction systems. It's unique multi-layered design dramatically reduces the noise level from any extraction fan. The three tiered lamination is built around a steel helix core with a perforated inner lining, a non-allergenic insulation (glass wool free) membrane and a black vapour barrier. If you use this with any acoustic extraction fan set up you can be sure that your fans will be virtually noise free. Always install your ducting fully extended for maximum efficiency.  Supplied boxed, in a 6 metre length.


  • Ultra Silent acoustic ducting
  • Three tiered laminated design
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Connects to fans and filters
  • Lightweight
  • Connects with standard ducting fittings


Sizes Available:

  • ø 4in - 102mm
  • ø 5in - 127mm
  • ø 6in - 152mm
  • ø 8in - 204mm
  • ø 10in - 254mm
  • ø 12in - 315mm