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Silver Bullet Roots

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Silver Bullet's are not just for killing vampires, this Silver Bullet kills all the pests and diseases that can lurk around in your grow system, that'll ruin an entire grow within a few days if left unchecked. Silver Bullet Roots, is an effective preventative solution that keeps your grow system healthy and clean stopping any water-borne pests and diseases before they arise. In turn, this'll keep your plants at their very best, with crystal-white healthy roots.


  • 1L Bottle
  • Kills water-borne viruses and bacteria dead
  • Prevents and Treats 
  • Highly Recommended


How does it work?

Silver Bullet Roots uses Silver Ions and Hydrogen Peroxide to break down protective barriers around disease cells and destroy anything that shouldn't be in your grow system. 


Protects From All Water-Borne Diseases And Pests

Silver Bullet Roots keep your system free from Pythium, botrysis, powdery mildew and fusarium. Including Viruses, algae and anything else nasty that isn't welcome in your grow system.



Use 2ml/10L for seedlings and cuttings to prevent diseases

Use 4ml/10L for seedlings and cuttings to treat diseases


Use 4ml/10L for young plants every 1-2weeks to prevent diseases

Use 6ml/10L for established plants every 1-2weeks to prevent disease


To treat diseased plants use 8ml/10L for 5 days, dose 8ml/10L again for another 5 days. Then use Silver Bullet Roots in preventative dosing throughout.