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A.R.T.S Spired

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Spired is an effective treatment and preventative solution for dreaded Spider Mites. A totally Organic solution that kills and stops spider mite infection without causing any damage to your crop. Destroying spider mites, eggs and dissolving webs in an all natural solution. 

  • 250ml Bottle
  • Kills Spider Mites, Eggs and Webs
  • Prevents and Treats 
  • Highly Recommended


How does it work?

Spired contains all natural, organic ingredients, including clove oil and Quassia - a bitter wood extract. It's mixed up into a foliar spray that should be applied a few minutes before your lights turn off.

This kills any living spider mite and gets to work on dissolving eggs and webs, ensuring that no further infestation can happen.

It works best if you spray your crops 2-3 times every 4-7 days.


Kills And Protects From Spider Mites

Spired has been specifically developed to target Spider Mites, eggs and webs and will not harm any aspect of your plants, nor will it destroy Spider Mite natural predators.




Mix up as a foliar spray and treat your plants between 2-3 times in 4-7 days, depending on the intensity of the infection.

Treatment Mix up 50ml of Spired with 1L of luke warm water, spraying the underside of the leaves and then the top sides. 


You can also use Spired to prevent Spider Mites altogether:

Preventative Mix up 25ml of Spired with 1L of luke warm water, spraying the underside of the leaves and then the top sides. Do this once every two weeks to prevent any Spider Mite infestations from occurring.