Systemair Revolution Stratos Inline Fan 150mm (6") AC 432m3/hr 200m (8) 947m3/hr

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Introducing the Systemair Revolution Stratos Inline Fans

Lightweight & powerful, the Revolution Stratos series is designed for installation between ducting. Revolution Stratos fans have 25mm long spigot connections and are ideal for moving high volumes of air quickly.

The fans have aerodynamically optimised impellers and guide air vanes with integrated external rotor motors.


Key Features:

  • Low noise - Results when tested revealed the Revolution Stratos to be quieter than other leading acoustic fans when using acoustic ducting
  • High airflow - RS150AC = 432m³/h and RS200AC = 947m³/h
  • Lowest SFP values & high efficiency - Maximising performance and minimising energy consumption
  • Compact design - More power and significantly less pressure drop than other comparable fans on the market
  • Long life & low-noise - Due to quality engineering and high grade components
  • Optimised impeller shape - Ensures an ideal air stream is maintained
  • Corrosion proof & lightweight - A composite material is used which ensures installation is quick and easy and the casing remains air tight