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Telos 10 PRO LED 285W

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Telos 10 PRO 285W
Telos 10 PRO 285W
Telos 10 PRO 285W
Telos 10 PRO 285W

The latest version of a tried and tested, modern and efficient LED luminaire. Now featuring even higher output OSRAM LEDs. Suitable for top-down growing applications, commercial greenhouses, and harsh environments such as advanced medical facilities. The use of passive natural convection has eliminated the need for a fan, reducing noise output and significantly increasing the life span of the light as it contains no moving parts. Lights are provided with an easy-to-use versatile hanging system. This includes PVC wire rope with stainless-steel clamps and carabiners to secure the light in the grow area using the eyelets on the main body of the unit.

The Telos ethos is to design and manufacture the most efficient, reliable and robust grow lights available on the market.



  • High PAR output - 2.5μmol per Watt
  • Utilises cutting edge Osram LED technology
  • Significantly cooler - at least 10oC - ideal for the summer
  • Impressive efficiency - low power, heat and running costs
  • Effective for 85,000 hours (up to 10 years)
  • Unique holographic optics for even light intensity and coverage
  • Future-proof product with upgradable/replaceable LED modules
  • Quiet, passive cooling with no fan
  • High quality, reliable and robust components
  • UK designed and constructed



Wattage 285W
Power Input Range 280-298W (Non-dimmable driver)
Voltage Input Range 90 ~ 305VAC (Autosensing)
Input Current 1.25A / 230VAC
Max number of Telos systems linked (Power) 6
Sprectrum Enhanced full spectrum
Efficiency 2.5+ µmol/joule
PPF output 703+µmol/s
CRI 86.9
Beam Angle 87.6 Degrees
Weight 8kg lamp + 2kg driver
Dimensions (L x W x H) 475mm, 249mm, 160mm
Ingress Protection IP66
Colour temp 3160K
Nominal Operating Teperature Range 0 - 40°C