Tornado Acoustic Box Fan 4250

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If you think your fans are strong, you haven't tried a Tornado fan out yet. Using the best Torin Sifan fan's housed in moisture resistant, sound insulated MDF boxes the Tornado box fan literally blows away the competition. Put it this way, if you were one of the little pigs you'd think the big bad wolf was at the door. Whilst it's fan power is super-strong the noise levels are the lowest we've seen (or heard). The Tornado 4250 is a monster and for this reason it comes supplied on a set of heavy duty rubber castors with foot brakes. The CNC precision cut fan housing comes with roll-top flange spigots for smooth connection to your ducting. To make these fans run practically silent we recommend adding a fan controller and using acoustic ducting.

  • Manufactured in UK
  • Torin Sifan Fan
  • Moisture resistant MDF panels
  • Acoustic foam lining
  • High-power
  • Low noise
  • 4250m3/hr
  • 2x 12in (315mm) Intake Spigot
  • 1x 12in (315mm) Exhaust Spigot