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Wilma Wide Large 8 x 18L System

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With the Wilma dripper system, a timer controls (sold separately) when nutrient solution is dripped into the tops of the pots. Any excess solution drains back into the reservoir and drips into the pots again at the next feed. 

The Wilma hydroponic dripper system is designed low to the ground so that growing space is filled with plants and not the hydroponic grow system.

Growers should experiment with different media to see what gives them the best results, and upgrade to clay pebbles as confidence levels grow.

Incredibly easy to use, simply fill up the reservoir tank with your nutrient solution and allow your pump to drip feed each individual plant. The run off drains directly into the reservoir, re-circulating through the system.


The Wilma Wide 8 Systems Includes:

8x 18L Pots

1x 120L Reservoir tank

1x Top Tray

1x Maxijet MJ-1000 Pump

Irrigation Pipework, Dripper Stakes and Manifold


Dimensions L x W

170cm x 75cm